List of most popular sports in the betting world

Can you imagine a world without sports? For people who love competitive sports, the idea of not being able to play or watch a game is pure torture. Gamblers and those in the betting industry know what it means to win or lose a game. With the rise of internet and mobile access, people can now bet and wait in the comfort of their homes without having to go to a casino. Some of the most popular sports to bet on include:


This game attracts millions of spectators especially during major games such as world cup and premier leagues. In 2017, the Football Association Challenge Cup (FA Cup) attracted close to 10 million viewers and the world cup figures hit 3.4 billion, showing how many people love the game. With such heavy audiences also comes a following who are in the game for the bets.


If you have not been following tennis, then you will be surprised to see it in the list of most popular sports. Over the years, this game has continued to attract more bets especially with the emergence of popular players such as Serena Williams, Marat Safin and other notable player. This game is not only making headlines in sports pages, but it is also making money in the betting field.

Horse racing

There was a time, not quite long ago, when horse racing dominated the world of sports betting. Even though it seems to have been overshadowed, this sport still commands a large crowd of people who love betting. Big events such as national derbies get a lot of people placing bets on horses and horse owners.


Basketball is another popular sport where people love to put their money. From NBA in America, to other basketball teams, the game gets people fired up and placing bets on individual players and overall results.


Boxing has been gaining popularity over the years. Players like Floyd Mayweather and Manny Pacquiao have revolutionized the game and made people confident in placing their bets on boxing.


This may sound lie an unconventional sport, but it is very popular. This is because a lot of betting companies place money on the game. Moreover, darts seems like an easy game.